How to Book at Emerson Fields


So, what's the booking process like at Emerson Fields? It's like an evening on the back patio chatting with friends, a slight breeze in the air and a cool refreshing drink in your hand... it's easy!
Newly engaged couples, and sometimes pre-engaged couples, wonder what it's like to inquire, tour and book their wedding day with us so I thought I'd walk you through an overview of the process today on the blog.

Step One: Research and Inquire.

Our website is as comprehensive as they come. It's our goal to be as transparent about what we offer as possible allowing you to research us before you reach out to us. We've published our booking calendar on our website so you can check for availability. Beyond that, our floorplan is under the "The Venue" tab so you can see how the space is laid out before you come.

It's always important to see what's included with a venue rental and what the pricing structure is so you know from the beginning if it's within your wedding budget. We've got that on the site too. Check out the "Rental Packages" tab for a bullet-point list of what's included and how we've organized our rental pricing.
Once you've researched our site you simply fill out the inquiry form, under the "Inquire" tab, with as much information as possible.

You can also research us on Instagram at @emersonfieldsvenue and see tons of photos and behind-the-scenes insights in our stories.

Step Two: Book a Tour Appointment.

Once we receive your inquiry we respond with an email or phone call within 24 hours, usually much sooner. We like to chat with potential clients to see if we check all the boxes prior to the tour and to answer important questions about the tour. Once we've visited, or emailed, we find a time that suits you best to come for a tour. We offer tours Monday through Thursday, daytime or evening, or Friday mornings and they typically last an hour or less. Because we offer exclusive use of the entire property to our couples on the weekends we don't offer tours between Friday and Sunday.

Step Three: Tour and Save-the-Date.

Your tour will begin with a front door greeting and handshake. We want to hear what your wedding day vision is all about and then we can better explain how our venue and property will best suit you. We'll give you a tour of the outdoor ceremony spaces, if an outdoor wedding is what you're dreaming of, and then we'll show you around the entire venue. Our tour is informative and interactive. Don't be shy about asking questions. We love to customize our space so our tour includes how the venue is built to offer many different styles and wedding day designs. You'll see everything from the full kitchen and ice machine to the private bridal suite with balcony.

Once the tour concludes we give you time alone to walk back through the space, take photographs and contemplate questions. After you've had time to envision your day at Emerson Fields we sit down with a packet of information, including our rental agreement, and go over how to book our venue. Some tours end with instructions on how to book with us in the future and some end with a payment and reserved date. It's up to you. If you have a specific date in mind we encourage you to make your first payment and save the date asap. Our calendar for 2020 is filling fast and 2021 is already open for bookings.

To reserve your date we require a completed rental agreement with 25% of the rental fee and your $500 refundable security deposit paid. And, done. It's that simple.

Photo by Amber Garret Photography

Photo by Amber Garret Photography


And now read what others are saying about working with Emerson Fields:

On behalf of my sister and her husband, we are so thankful for these incredible people for helping make the process of planning a wedding so much more enjoyable and less stressful. You can get married at any beautiful venue, but Amelia and Steve go above and beyond and make the entire experience so much more enriching and unique because of their endless amount of support that you truly can’t get anywhere else. Amelia and Steve and their venue deserve so much recognition! October 20, 2018 is a day that goes down in history for our family because of this team and their event space. Emerson Fields is what dreams are made of!
— Sister of the Bride
Emerson Fields is more than just a venue, it is a complete experience! My husband and I had our reception there and Steve and Amelia went above and beyond for us. The building is absolutely stunning and designed with a photographer’s eye in mind! The bridal suite is gorgeous and the grooms room is wonderful! Emerson Fields is more than just about the building, its about the celebration and making the entire experience unique for each couple. One amazing feature of Emerson Fields are the design appointments. Amelia meets with each couple before the wedding and go over plans and details to make sure they(Steve and Amelia) know how to best serve each couple. This allows for everyone to have a personalized and unique experience and make each wedding perfect. We truly love Emerson Fields and could not have imagined a more perfect or magical day! Steve and Amelia are wonderful people and do a phenomenal job making everyone feel special!
— EF Bride
I met Steve and Amelia before their venue was even completed. We sat for two hours and chatted about their goals and dreams for the venue. When walking through the venue Amelia shared her vision for the completed venue, and as she spoke I could envision the completed project. Coming back a few months later and seeing the completed venue was a treat, because it was exactly what I had envisioned from Amelia’s words. Amelia and Steve were not only thinking of all the sweet couples that would exchange vows at their venue when they were building it. They were also thinking of logistics and ease of operation for all of the vendors that would be present to help make these couples’ wedding days a success, and as a wedding photographer you don’t know what a relief that is. I absolutely love photographing at Emerson Fields for several reasons. The light, the scenery, the charm, but most importantly, I love photographing at Emerson Fields because I love working with Steve and Amelia. They are the heartbeat and the soul of Emerson Fields. They truly care about everyone who walks through their door and the experience they will have inside. Brides and Grooms, I urge you to check out Emerson Fields as your wedding venue. Steve and Amelia will not take lightly the most important day of your life, and they will do everything they can to make your experience at Emerson Fields a beautiful, happy, and memorable one.
— Wedding Photographer

Have more questions about how to book or want to schedule a tour?

Please head to our contact page to fill out the form. If you’d like more information about the venue, packages, and pricing go ahead and download the venue guide below!

Gillian Tracey