Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Coordinator

We want to be clear on what our role is as the venue, or site, coordinator for your wedding day. Every wedding day there will be a member of the Emerson Fields staff on site to help with any matters concerning the facility. Rest assured, we are always close by.

Photos by Bri Whitman Photography of St. Louis

However, there is a difference between a venue coordinator and a wedding coordinator, and sometimes that's a gray area.

They are both needed for a smooth wedding day. We act as venue coordinators on site and offer support on anything venue related, but the inner workings of the wedding day belong to the planner or coordinator. We love working alongside a planner or coordinator that the bride has immersed with wedding day details. This saves time and frees up the bride's day so she can enjoy her friends and family instead of constantly answering the detail questions.

As venue coordinators, and as the design team, builders and owners, we know every facet of the building.

We can give you accurate ideas on the best way to set up your specific design for your wedding day and we go over these plans with you personally, weeks before the ceremony. We will also meet with a bride and her planner earlier on in the event planning process by appointment when necessary. Our Open Venue Experience is an excellent time to come and see the building set up, make plans, measure things and dream about the day you'll celebrate here.

So to be perfectly clear and give a few examples, below are just a few items that are, or are not, on our resume:

These are things you find us doing:

  • having the entire venue set up and ready for you by noon Friday,

  • checking the bathrooms for plenty of paper supplies,

  • welcoming your DJ and going over facility instructions,

  • setting up the outdoor ceremony and tearing it down afterward,

  • setting up tables and chairs,

  • making sure the ice machine is full,

  • moving the head table to the stage after an indoor ceremony has taken place,

  • adjusting the heating/ac,

  • salting the walkway or shoveling snow during the winter,

  • setting up the outdoor sound system for the ceremony,

  • putting away chairs from the honorary family rows during an Oscar-style ceremony,

  • plumbing issues,

  • clearing the parking lot and anything else that's venue/property/site related.

These are things we don't take care of:

  • decorating, lighting the centerpiece candles and dimming the lights

  • taking out the trash,

  • gathering the grandparents to line up and be ushered in and telling the bridesmaids when it's their time to start down the aisle, or giving the ring bearer a pep talk

  • cueing the DJ for the grand entrance music,

  • setting up the head table's place settings,

  • paying your vendors,

  • parking cars,

  • stocking the bar and bringing champagne out for toasts,

  • pinning corsages on mothers,

  • setting up a place for the marriage license to be signed,

  • moving the cake table in to position,

  • organizing family for pre/post ceremony photographs,

  • loading up your gifts, etc.

    Hopefully this little blog entry will start your wedding planning off on the right foot. We are always open to visiting with you about the details of your wedding planning as it's our goal for your day to the best ever.

Gillian Tracey